Adding ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ to football games makes them much interesting

The NFL appears to be an awful organization that does awful things, however that doesn’t block it from at times having excellent thoughts… or possibly one single smart thought.

Today, the NFL circulated the Wild Card season finisher game between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints on Nickelodeon trying to draw in more youthful fans, yet rather than just circulating the game on an organization for youngsters and accepting that kids will watch it, they really packed the broadcast with Nickelodeon references and feel, put Nickelodeon characters on the field, and added CG sludge guns onto the field for score festivities. Relationship with an ancient and severe game with nonsensical standards aside, it rules.

SpongeBob shows up between the uprights during field objectives, player detail illustrations incorporate their “Favorite snack” and “Favorite classic Nick show,” Young Sheldon obviously pops up to clarify referee rulings, and a player was even gotten on a mic saying “what the fuck” at a certain point. It was all that you could need from professional sports! There was even a SpongeBob-themed pre-game show that highlighted a clasp from “Sweet Victory,” the thing everybody needed Maroon 5 to play at the Super Bowl several years back.

Normally, the SpongeBob SquarePants images have been flying on Twitter, and it’s each of the a lot of fun. More fun than the NFL deserves, to be honest. Perhaps Nickelodeon should just cut out the middleman and make another show that is simply individuals discussing SpongeBob?

Now, the football itself is basically irrelevant. The Bears and the Saints may—might—care about who wins, however we simply need to discuss SpongeBob.

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