Water Usage Audit For Municipal Buildings, Energy Efficiency Service Expands

As part of its expanded service, the energy efficiency service provider audits cooling towers and sewage systems in municipal buildings to identify problem areas that may be contributing to unnecessary utility expenditure. The team then offers solutions that can help municipalities upgrade to more environmentally-conscious, energy-efficient infrastructure without paying for installation and maintenance costs.

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Following the announcement, Onsite Utility Services Capital helps municipalities ensure that their cooling towers are functioning properly and confirm that the water the building is charged for is actually being used by the people who work there.

Onsite Utility Services Capital explains that around 30% of a facility’s total water usage can be attributed to cooling towers. However, outdated or faulty systems can result in unnecessarily high utility costs. Scaling and corrosion, for example, can affect a system’s efficacy by reducing heat transfer and creating debris inside the cooling chambers. The likelihood of this occurring is higher in locations with hard water.

As such, Onsite Utility Services Capital can implement anti-scaling and corrosion systems that prevent this damaging build-up and remove solids without relying on harsh chemicals.

‘One of the best ways to control water costs is to avoid paying for water you don’t use, especially when that water comes as the result of a leaking irrigation system or a stuck cooling tower valve’, a spokesperson for the company explained.

Onsite Utility Services Capital uses real-time consumption monitoring systems to give building managers greater oversight of their water usage by immediately notifying them of potential leaks and breakdowns. The system tracks consumption patterns and relays abnormalities or usage spikes to connected devices.

These services are available through the company’s Savings as a Service (SaaS) program, which removes the financial barriers to accessing cleaner energy and water systems in municipal buildings. With no additional cost or out-of-pocket expenditure, the service covers the installation and ongoing maintenance of all equipment and related servicing so that a high level of efficiency can be maintained.

By taking advantage of the program, municipal building managers can upgrade their cooling towers, faucets, and building water distribution systems with zero up-front investment. As such, they can get water and sewage costs under control and lower their carbon footprint without taking on debt.

More information can be found by visiting https://onsiteutilityservices.com

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