Launching Hispanic Initiatives During Hispanic Heritage Month

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"In a world of noise, it's the messages that are culturally attuned that truly stand out."
"In a world of noise, it's the messages that are culturally attuned that truly stand out."

Launching Hispanic initiatives during Hispanic Heritage Month can offer a wide range of benefits for businesses. As done every year, Hispanic Marketing agency and Spanish SEO provider Hispanic Market Advisors shares some tips for brands and organizations (private and public) to join the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration (September 15th to October 15th) with activities that may build and expand multicultural connections and deepens awareness of the cultural sensitivities of the Hispanic community.

This dedicated period provides a unique opportunity to connect with the Hispanic community, show appreciation for their culture, and demonstrate your brands commitment to diversity and inclusion, explains Sebastian Aroca, MIB, President of Hispanic Market Advisors

Some Marketing Ideas to Consider

Here are some marketing ideas to consider implementing during this special month:


Create informative content about the significance of Hispanic Heritage Month, highlighting the culture, history, and achievements of Hispanic individuals and communities. This can be shared through blog posts, videos, social media, or specially-designed websites such as by Consolidated Credit in consultation with Hispanic Market Advisors.


Partner with prominent Hispanic influencers to co-create content that celebrates Hispanic culture, traditions, and achievements. Their authentic voices can help your brand connect more deeply with the community.


Launch a dedicated social media campaign using relevant hashtags like #HispanicHeritageMonth or #HHM. Share inspiring stories, facts, and quotes related to Hispanic culture and history. Encourage your audience to share their own stories too.


Feature your Hispanic employees in spotlight articles, videos, or social media posts. This not only highlights diversity within your company but also creates a sense of inclusivity and belonging. The U.S. Army, for instance, values the contributions of American Soldiers with ancestry from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. Read more: Hispanics in the U.S. Army.


Host virtual workshops or webinars that educate your audience about different aspects of Hispanic culture, such as traditional cuisine, music, dance, art, and more.


Partner with local Hispanic community organizations or nonprofits and donate a percentage of your sales during Hispanic Heritage Month. This not only supports a good cause but also strengthens community ties. Hispanics in Philanthropy has various programs.


Offer special limited-edition products or services inspired by Hispanic culture or designed in collaboration with Hispanic artists.


Organize virtual events such as panel discussions, concerts, or art exhibitions featuring Hispanic artists, musicians, and thought leaders.


Host a photo or art contest where participants can share their personal stories or creative expressions related to Hispanic heritage. Offer prizes that celebrate the culture.


If youre capable, consider translating some of your content or communications into Spanish. This shows your commitment to engaging with the Hispanic audience on their terms.


Offer special discounts or promotions during Hispanic Heritage Month as a gesture of appreciation to your Hispanic customers.


Collaborate with other businesses or organizations that have a strong presence in the Hispanic community for joint marketing efforts. One example is to sponsor a radio program such as Salud y Vida by Insurance Pro, in consultation with Hispanic Market Advisors.


If applicable, offer virtual tours of your business location, showcasing any Hispanic art, dcor, or influences.


Create short videos where members of your team share their personal connections to Hispanic culture, whether its through heritage, travel experiences, or relationships.


Spotlight and support local Hispanic-owned businesses through your social media channels, showcasing their products or services. If you send a press release during the Hispanic Heritage Month, try to use a bilingual distribution such as Noticias Newswire.

As we launch Hispanic marketing initiatives during this special month, lets remember that every campaign has the power to nurture connections, foster understanding, and uplift the spirit of unity, adds Mr. Aroca

Key Benefits of Launching a Hispanic Initiative


Hispanic Heritage Month allows businesses to authentically engage with Hispanic culture. By acknowledging and celebrating this culture, you can create a stronger bond with the Hispanic community and show that you value their traditions and contributions.


Launching initiatives during this month can increase your brands visibility and recognition within the Hispanic community. This exposure can lead to greater brand loyalty and advocacy.


Engaging with the Hispanic community during Hispanic Heritage Month fosters a sense of community. It shows that you care about their experiences and are willing to invest in initiatives that resonate with them.


Demonstrating your commitment to diversity and inclusion sends a powerful message to both your customers and employees. It showcases your dedication to embracing different cultures and perspectives.


When businesses actively participate in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, it builds trust with Hispanic consumers. They are more likely to support and recommend brands that acknowledge and respect their heritage.


By tailoring your marketing efforts to align with Hispanic culture, you create opportunities for more meaningful connections. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and long-term relationships.


Launching Hispanic initiatives during this time allows you to educate both your audience and your team about Hispanic culture, history, and achievements. This educational aspect can enhance empathy and understanding.


Taking the time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month sets your business apart from competitors. It shows that you go beyond standard marketing and are willing to invest in initiatives that matter to your audience.


Engaging with the Hispanic community through targeted initiatives can lead to increased sales. When customers see that your brand respects their heritage, they are more likely to choose your products or services.


Launching Hispanic initiatives can open doors to partnerships and collaborations with Hispanic-owned businesses, influencers, and organizations. These partnerships can expand your reach and impact.


Internally, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month can boost employee morale and engagement. It shows your employees that you value diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive workplace.


The efforts you put into Hispanic initiatives during this month can have a lasting impact on your relationship with the Hispanic community. By building strong connections, you set the foundation for continued engagement throughout the year.

Examples of Companies That Have Launched Hispanic Initiatives during Hispanic Heritage Month


Google often celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a series of initiatives. In the past, they have featured special doodles that highlight Hispanic culture and achievements. They also collaborate with Hispanic influencers and organizations to create content that educates and celebrates the community.


Coca-Cola has launched campaigns celebrating Hispanic heritage and culture. Theyve run TV ads featuring stories of Hispanic families and their traditions, while also engaging with their audience on social media through interactive campaigns and giveaways. Theyve even created a film in 2015 named Orgulloso De Ser evoking the power of family, culture and community by bringing people together in celebration of their heritage and unique family stories.


Target has partnered with Hispanic designers and artists to create limited-edition collections inspired by Hispanic culture. These collections often include clothing, home dcor, and more, providing customers with unique products that celebrate diversity.


Verizon has been known to support Hispanic causes during Hispanic Heritage Month. They have sponsored educational programs and initiatives that promote technology access and digital literacy in Hispanic communities.


McDonalds has run campaigns that feature special menu items inspired by Hispanic flavors and traditions. Theyve also highlighted the stories of Hispanic franchise owners, showcasing their journey and contributions.


PepsiCo has launched campaigns that celebrate Hispanic culture through music and art. Theyve sponsored concerts, art exhibitions, and festivals that bring attention to the vibrancy of Hispanic traditions.


Microsoft has organized workshops and events aimed at promoting technology education and career opportunities within the Hispanic community. These initiatives often involve collaborations with Hispanic organizations and leaders.


Walmart has showcased Hispanic-owned businesses by featuring their products prominently in stores during Hispanic Heritage Month. Theyve also offered special discounts on products that are relevant to Hispanic culture.


Bank of America has sponsored programs that focus on financial literacy and empowerment within Hispanic communities. These programs offer workshops and resources to help individuals manage their finances effectively. Read more: Investing in our Hispanic-Latino community

We are committed to investing in our Hispanic-Latino community, including supporting our Hispanic-Latino teammates, delivering for our Hispanic-Latino clients, and helping advance thriving economies in the communities we serve.


Nissan has launched campaigns that highlight the achievements of Hispanic individuals in various fields, such as music, sports, and business. These campaigns often feature storytelling videos that showcase their journeys.


Macys has organized in-store events and fashion shows that celebrate Hispanic culture, featuring Hispanic designers and models. Theyve also partnered with nonprofit organizations to support educational initiatives.


HBO has aired documentaries and films that explore Hispanic history, culture, and achievements during Hispanic Heritage Month. This content aims to educate and inspire audiences about the contributions of Hispanic individuals. From dramas to comedies to suspense and more theres something for everyone in HBOs collection of Latin American movies.

These examples showcase how various companies across different industries have taken steps to engage with and celebrate the Hispanic community during Hispanic Heritage Month, while also aligning their initiatives with their brand values and messages.

Final Thoughts: If Not Now, When?

In the context of launching initiatives, pursuing dreams, or making meaningful changes, If not now, when? reminds us that theres no better time than the present to start working towards our objectives. It prompts us to assess whether were allowing excuses, fears, or comfort zones to hold us back from taking the necessary steps.

Ultimately, this phrase encourages a mindset of empowerment, urgency, and accountability. Its a call to action that reminds us that our goals and aspirations wont be achieved by waiting for the perfect conditions. Instead, we should use the resources and opportunities available to us in the current moment to move forward and make progress. If that progress involves partnering with an agency like Hispanic Market Advisors, contact us so we may find ways to work together.

A Note on Terminology

The terms Latino and Hispanic are used interchangeably in this press release.

Latinx is not a typo. Yes, Latinx is, in fact, a word, a gender-neutral neologism, sometimes used instead of Latino or Latina, and even Latin@, to refer to people of Latin American cultural or racial identity in the United States. The -x suffix replaces the standard -o/-a ending of nouns and adjectives, typical of grammatical gender in Spanish. Its plural is Latinxs.

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