IUV UV Curing Systems to Participate at LABELEXPO EUROPE in September 2023

IUV UV Curing Systems will be participating at LABELEXPO EUROPE in September 2023. As an exhibitor, they will have the opportunity to showcase their UV curing systems and solutions to a diverse audience of label and package printing industry professionals.

At the event, IUV UV Curing Systems will have its dedicated exhibition booth to demonstrate its latest UV curing technologies and equipment. Visitors can expect to learn about the benefits of UV curing, including faster drying times, improved print quality, and enhanced durability of printed materials.

During the expo, IUV UV Curing Systems representatives will be available to engage with attendees, answer questions, and discuss how their products can meet the specific needs of label printers, packaging converters, and other industry stakeholders.

LABELEXPO is one of the largest and most influential trade shows in the label and package printing industry. It is held every two years and attracts thousands of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The event showcases the latest advancements in printing technology, materials, and equipment for label and package production.

Attendees include label printers, packaging converters, brand owners, designers, industry professionals, and suppliers. The event offers an excellent networking opportunity to learn about industry trends and explore potential business partnerships.

IUV Systems Will be at Booth NO: 3E74

“We will be showcasing the technologies and designs that power efficiency with our UV LED curing systems,” said the company CEO. “Our products feature self-produced water-cooling solutions and unassisted width measurement, and their applications include curing web offset inks, LED coatings, and Flexo inks.”

The company has designed their products for easy integration with any analog or digital printing systems to drive efficiency and better-quality printouts at the pace of business.

IUV UV-LED Curing System

Sheet-fed Offset LED

This curing system is made for the sheet-fed offset printing industry and delivers consistent and faster curing of inks and on paper.

Intermittent Label Offset LED

This system is great for intermittent label printing processes delivering high-quality curing results with precise control.

Procure LED

The Procure LED system is a specialized solution that shapes ink droplets from an inkjet printer.

Satellite LED

Their Satellite LED system is designed for printing processes that need supplementary UV curing, and it can work with several curing inks.

IUV Chiller System

The chiller system likely provides cooling solutions to ensure consistent operation and prevent overheating of UV LED units.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

The automatic width measurement system helps align substrates of varying widths, ensuring uniform curing on the surface.

Flexo LED

The Flexo IUV LED curing system IUV is designed for flexographic printing. It uses UV LED technology to cure coatings on substrates and offers energy efficiency, reduced heat output, and faster curing times.

UV Mercury Curing Systems

Their mercury curing systems consist of specialized lamps containing mercury vapor, which emits UV light when an electrical current is passed through it. These lamps have various sizes and power outputs to cater to printing requirements.

Sheet-fed Offset Mercury

This curing system is made for the sheet-fed offset printing industry and delivers consistent and faster curing of inks and on paper.

Intermittent Label Offset Mercury

This system is great for intermittent label printing processes delivering high-quality curing results with precise control.

Satellite Mercury

This system integrates with several curing inks to deliver various curing effects.

IUV Chiller Mercury

The chiller system provides cooling to prevent overheating of UV mercury units.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement Mercury

The system helps align substrates of varying widths for curing.

Flexo Mercury

The Flexo IUV mercury curing system IUV is great for flexographic printing.

IUV HMI Control System

Links IUV Gadgets to the Cloud

Applications in Industry

When coating 3D workpieces, manufacturers apply protective UV coatings directly to the workpiece by spraying, dipping, flow coating, or vacuum spraying and cure immediately. It can also aid upstream processing, where a UV-curable topcoat is applied to the surface of a reel of raw polymer film using a different web coating technique to make the coat more durable.

These UV curing rolls or sheets are used in other printing and forming processes or can be applied to the surface of different finished products.

Those needing hard coatings have been paying close attention to UV LEDs. Manufacturers are excited about IUV System UV LED-curing systems that can be used in their production processes.

As their UV LED curing systems continue to improve, they become more and more compatible with surface hard coatings and plastic decorative coatings. This means that people using hard coatings can enjoy the many benefits of their UV LED curing technology, such as longer light source life, better process control, and less heat transfer to the workpiece.

In Summary

The September event will provide a valuable networking opportunity for the company to establish new business connections, strengthen existing partnerships, and gain insights into industry trends and challenges.

UV curing technology has attracted much attention in the global ink market and is becoming mainstream. With excellent technical advantages, the global UV curing market has shown a rapid growth trend in the past two years, and its application fields have continued to expand.

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