Instructions to stop AirPods automatically switching between devices

Having your AirPods, or AirPods Pro, change from your iPhone to your Mac as you take a seat at your desk is a brilliant thought, and truly frustrating in practice. Here’s the way to stop it.

In some cases it appears as though Apple staff live in a marginally unique world to most of us. It’s very a reality where the Wi-Fi is consistently on and continually working at the speed of light, however now it’s likewise a world with wonderful Bluetooth.

Presented with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur, AirPods and can tell over Bluetooth what gadgets are close by. Furthermore, they will change to the one you need to listen to.

It is a sublime thought and really exemplifies all that isAirPods Pro extraordinary about Apple’s determination to make everything work. Unfortunately practically speaking, it’s truly pretty much all that is a long way from extraordinary with this thought.

So truly, in the event that you are tuning in to music on your iPhone when you approach your Mac, your AirPods can naturally switch. It doesn’t appear to have happened to Apple that you were getting a charge out of that track and nothing is playing on the Mac.

Furthermore, in the event that we are sounding frustrated, on the off chance that we are sounding disappointed, we’re presently — this second — additionally somewhat humiliated. For our iPhone rang, the AirPods exchanged over to it and we accepted the call without acknowledging what we were doing.

Thus, OK, it’s a decent element, yet it utilizes Bluetooth and that is a balance of technology and alchemy. Thusly, we’ve similarly had circumstances where we’ve not had the option to utilize AirPods for a Zoom approach our Macs since something continued creation it change to the iPhone.

For the occasion, at that point, this is one iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur element that we’re turning off. To return to exchanging gadgets altogether physically, you need to do this on the entirety of your gadgets.

Instructions to turn off automatic Bluetooth switching on iOS 14

  1. Go to Settings, Bluetooth

2. With your AirPods or AirPods Pro associated, tap the i button close to their name

3. Look down to Connect to This Phone (or iPad)

4. Tap to choose When Last Connected to This iPhone (or iPad)

5. Tap Back

Step by step instructions to turn off automatic Bluetooth switching on macOS Big Sur

  1. Click on Control Center in your menubar

2. Click on Bluetooth

3. Decide to connect with the AirPods or AirPods Pro

4. Click on Bluetooth Preferences… at the lower part of your list of gadgets

5. Discover your gadget in the list that shows up

6. It will have a button checked Options, click on that

7. Click on the dropdown menu close to Connect to this Mac

8. Pick When Last Connected to this Mac

You could skirt the Control Center and go directly to the Bluetooth part of Settings. In any case, you need to interface with the AirPods before you get the Options button, and it’s helpful to do that not too far off in Control Center.

Step by step instructions to turn automatic switching back on

On the off chance that you discover you miss the element, you can turn it back on for the entirety of your gadgets by turning around the means above. What may be more probable is that you’ll see you like having your iPhone change to your Mac — and you don’t care for it going to your iPad.

Whenever you’ve turned the element off all over, you can experiment. Turn it back on for any two of your gadgets, and check whether it maintains good manners at that point.

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