Celebrated author and revered life coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” pleads to help Maui

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New York City, New York Aug 18, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North who is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ has found his passion in guiding people toward their ultimate happiness, a life free of anxiety and fraughtness. As the guide always promotes happiness among others, his heart seems to be filled with afflictions, grief, and unhappiness of others. Especially in this world, where so many suffer in silence without any voice or defenses, North’s vision is all about helping others to be seen and heard. He believes that helping others is the key to our survival, connection, and collective love for each other as fellow humans on a small planet. This is why ‘The Happiness Warrior’ is vouching and pleading to help the people of Maui who are currently suffering a disaster.

Tragedy can strike in even the most beautiful and sacred places and its current and most recent target is the beautiful island of Maui. As a devastating result, so many lives have been lost and places being burned beyond recognition. The horror and impact of this insane loss of lives will be something that will never be forgotten. Even though the traumatic incident has taken so many things from the people of Maui, it is the survivors, animals, and natural environment that all need everyone’s full focus and attention. As a happiness coach, North believes that helping others is the key to human survival, connection, and collective love for each other as fellow humans on a small planet. So what happened in Maui, will soon return its devastating force to the planet again unless people everywhere open their eyes, gain understanding, and seek solutions.

As none is immune from Mother Nature and her fearsome power, a hurricane, flood, or tornado is always generating to strike a forbidding path that can impact anyone, anywhere. In this situation, the best response would be to learn to cope and thrive in a rapidly changing climate without any guarantees. As this is a result of all the wrongdoings of the people living here, everyone is responsible to some degree or distinction as we unalterably changed our planet without much thought or reason. But North states that people still have the choice to give and support and help the living find their way again. Even though greed, racism, and corruption have caused this, reminding ourselves that in the beginning, we all have the same origin can help build empathy.

According to ‘The Happiness Warrior’, people often live their lives untouched by the tragedies of others. As hard as people try to be empathetic and caring, it’s easy for most of them to drift away from subjects that give them emotional pain and find solace in their distractions and pleasures. Because it is human nature to avoid things that cause them fear and panic. But at the same time, as humans everyone is always getting better, and if continued, people can always change their mindset and attitude. As everyone has to help and care for the well-being of others, it is important to develop a sense of empathy so that people can find their moral compass. North tells, “There’s an undeniable truth that the most generous of us are happiest and doing the most good with our lives.” However, “At any time in our lives, our circumstances can change drastically, and our lives are so fragile.” So by focusing on developing empathy, people can choose to help no matter where they are.

North urges everyone to come forward in this tragic time and show empathy to the people and nature of Maui as he believes when people open their hearts to the feelings and emotions of others they will always be better. So the best thing to do right now is to think about what people can help. He lists several organizations that people can donate to just with a few taps on their phones. It is not about the amount of money someone is donating, it is their intent as in this catastrophic time, everything will be used to uplift the survivors of the beautiful Maui island.

The first foundation is ‘Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund’ (www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/maui-strong) which works closely with state and community leaders to pinpoint disaster relief and provides critical support for quickly evolving needs. The second one is ‘Chef Jose Andres World Central Kitchen’ (https://wck.org/) which provides comfort and food for responders and survivors, and another one with partnership is, ‘Chef Hui’, a Hawaiian nonprofit. There is also ‘Maui Humane Society’, an Animal shelter in Hawaii providing food, shelter, and medical attention to surviving animals. Another one is the ‘Lahui Foundation’ (https://www.lahuifoundation.org/) which was established in Hawaii to serve underrepresented and underserved communities.

Many more impactful charities have stepped up to assist in recovery and help lessen the devastating impact on the survivors of Maui, whose lives have been lost or changed forever. North pleads people to remember it could be them tomorrow and open their hearts and donate as much as possible to the tragedy-struck people of Maui. Follow http://www.thehappinesswarrior1.com/ for more details.

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